Estrotips: A Starbucks Drip Tip

IMG_0483Starbucks is a love of mine. When people think about buying me a gift or things that I will need when I am at their house, they usually think of coffee. I am a bit of a Starbucks snob too. Being a coffee snob is okay. We all have “our thing.” Well, I have one piece of advice that I learned in all of my years of drinking Starbucks: it can be messy! When you get a hot drink (especially in the airport), the cup is probably pretty full. If the opening of the lid is above the cup’s vertical crease line, then it will most likely drip a lot. If it is really full and you cannot drink it down quickly, it will probably have a constant drip until you drink it down to about 1/4th of the cup. This is a picture of my coffee with napkins around it. The napkins were in place to steadily catch the drip. If you don’t notice it, it could end up all down your clothing! Also, you may want to always line it when you have it in your cup holder in your car. Anyone else have this issue????

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