Estrogym: Don’t be Scared of the Gym! Great App Details

Do not be scared to work it out in a gym!!! Everyone in the gym is concerned with their own health while they are there. If they have time to be concerned with what you’re doing, they are probably not a member that will be there every season or very long. They are what we like to call “gym ornaments.” So, pay attention to you and forget about the riffraff. I was always worried that I would try to do one of the weight machines or lift weights and I would do it wrong (to then be embarrassed!!) But I realized that I could get a trainer or study to learn the ropes to build my confidence. Trainers cannot only teach you machines, but they can tell you how to keep good form and what muscles you should feel contracting. In addition, they know everyone at the gym, so if you want to meet people… Tell your trainer what you do for a living and that you want to make some friends at the gym. They will know what to do. If anything it is nice to say hi to someone familiar while you are there. If you don’t want to get a trainer for any reason, please search you tube to learn about weight lifting and machines. It will give you a more confidence. When you sit on a machine: it is OKAY to look at the instructions!!! Once you get it, you won’t have to anymore OR you could look at the name of the machine and look it up after you leave before attempting it. Your health matters more than your face turning red now and then! I have sat for several minutes trying to use broken machines or trying to figure out if I am using a machine for the wrong body part!!! “Hey girl, the barbel isn’t made for baton twirling… You lift it.” “The exercise ball isn’t made for wall-ball.” You know…. Simple mistakes. Just go in with an idea of what you want to work out. Write it down if it helps. I use and awesome app called Imuscle2. It is worth the few dollars that it costs. It will show you workouts for any body part you choose.

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